27 November

Releasedate Hardsoul & Marnix present Barrington – Generate Love

Hardsoul’s new release entitled “Generate Love”, produced by
Hardsoul and Marnix present Barrington,  is the story of some hidden away outtakes…

Generate Love was unearthed by Amsterdam DJ Marnix at an after party at legendary  Dutch DJ Marcello’s house (he of It/Roxy fame). Marnix incredibly stumbled upon the outtakes of Generate Love and excitedly called Hardsoul’s DJ Roog to tell him of the find. The plan was hatched:

revamp and remix Generate Love fresh for 2007.

The package comes complete with mixes from Hardsoul, Sergio Flores, Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy  Dj Prom and is to be one of the post-summer anthems of the year.

Not bad for a DAT tape that was gathering dust in a house in the centre of Amsterdam. 

Release 17th December

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