23 July

Hardsoul abroad

August sees some very special and interesting gigs lining up for the Hardsoul residents. It all kicks off on Thursday the seventh of August when Roog will grace the decks at El Divino (Ibiza) during Yxaiio. Yxaiio houses the finest artists, the best accompanying visuals and is home of the world exclusive pheromone drink mixed by the famous resident Barjockeys. After that it’s off to Hong Kong and Bali for DITH on the 16th and 18th of August for DITH. The Dragon-I located in central Hong Kong is one of the most talked about clubs and therefore one of the places to be, especially when Hardsoul takes over the sound system! Bali Nikisoma is Indonesia’s leading club and will be taken over by the Hardsoul brothers on the 18th August. Together with Copyright and Shovell they will rock the island. After these exotic locations Roog will make his way to legendary German superclub Cocoon on the 23th August for Balearic House Sessions. Expect the grooviest percussion, jaw dropping rhythms and mesmerizing vocals.

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