16 May

Alain Clark’s ‘Blow Me Away’ gets a Hardsoul treatment

Alain Clark is hot property at the moment! After the success of ‘This Ain’t Gonna Work’ and ‘Father and Friend’ Alain now unleashes the up-tempo ‘Blow Me Away’. The song is a brilliant full-on funk track that captures the essence of what music is all about; grab the listener and elevate him/her to a mindset where all worries are forgotten.

Alain actually wrote the track during a period where he would find it difficult to gain inspiration from other modern day artists. It all sounded to clinical, without passion and without soul. Music is about love, dedication and above all passion. ‘Blow Me Away’ contains all this and more! It should come as no surprise that when you add Hardsoul to the equation the outcome is even more spectacular! The mind-blowing vocals by Alain Clark and the signature Hardsoul sound result in a pure crowd-pleaser. Check out the snippet below and judge for yourself. Music can be this good!

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